Fader Lima (born in St. Louis, MO – raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti) is a singer of Electronic Dance Music and Contemporary also known as “Intuitive Pop or Fairytale Music”, as well as a songwriter.

She first received notice in 2012 when she was featured in VIBE as “Top 5 Indie Artists To Have In Your Ipod” for her rendition of “Zombie” written by The Cranberries, produced by Dashius Clay. Her two hit singles “Emergency” and her crossover hit “J’Attends” off the album IN LOVE WITH MUSIC produced by I AM G has given her immense support all over the world.

She began the year 2013 with her breakout song and video “Wait Til The Sunrise”, and recently signed and debuted her first single “Fade Into Trance” produced by Ambient Warriors on Dance More Records/Warner Music Sweden and ”My Heart” with SouthSide Recordings.

In 2014 her slew of releases have been well received and she continues to make strides in the music industry with her beautiful melodies and impactful lyrics as is evident in her new single “Pure” produced by Tyler On The Beat.

Fader Lima has had recent performances in the Caribbean, Europe, and throughout Miami, FL and will soon be headed overseas to promote her latest releases in anticipation of her first album VESICA PISCIS coming soon.

“Music brings me some of the best memories in my life, and not using the creativity that I’ve been given in this life is not an option. My wish is to simply be able to communicate with people through my music and hopefully open up their minds to all the beautiful possibilities that this world has to offer. Because of my deep love for people, I seek only to help them to find positive outlets to express themselves.” Fader Lima








“My Heart”